Fantom and I in 1989. He was the first horse I got for training. I brought from Hungary to Greece when he was 3 years old.
A trust-based relationship is to listen, to understand and to act from our hearts honestly, clearly and respectfully. 
I was 10 years old when I had my first experience on horseback.
From that time, my sole desire was to be a partner with this special being.
For many years this desire was not fulfilled. Whenever I had opportunity, they simply ‘put me on a horse’ without telling me anything about riding or the horse.
I felt disappointed, not about the horse, but about the situation. I wanted somebody who would be happy to tell me more about the horse and to guide me.
Finally, this happened after many years and I felt from the first moment, that “yes, this is what I want”.
My life with horses really started from that moment.  My horsemanship goals expanded from year to year. I got to the point that I did not allow anybody to hold me back as my parents had tried to do. It also became my mission to share my experiences and what was given to me from various horsemen and horses who gifted me by their presence in my life.
I started to teach in 1988 and continued to deepen my relationship with horses.
The more I was involved in the horse-human world, the more I was attracted to increase my knowledge about the horse and to share it with anybody who would like to partner with this amazing creature and find a deep, lasting and harmonious relationship with them.
We know only a part of ourselves. Day by day we may deepen our knowledge about ourselves and our horses too.
That is why great horse-masters and horsemen always say they are still learning. They understand that acquiring wisdom of horses is a process.