“Together With My Horse” is customized for each “horse-human pair” as individual lessons, or for the advancement of a group. The program covers theory and practical experience…
When our intention is to have a successful, joyful relationship with our horse, we need to consider that only a horse which is ready and willing to focus on the human, starts to trust the human and collaborate with the human, is ready to start to learn new things. Trust and willingness are always needed for a successful outcome, as much as harmony and lightness.
We need to understand what our horse-partner needs and how to support him to move lightly and powerfully under saddle.
Together With My Horse offers on / with your own horse in San Diego North County area:
  • Coaching/Training dressage and jumping which is in harmony to FEI Coaching Level 1
  • Riding lessons (English riding discipline) dressage and jumping.

Using a gentle, easy to understand methods, both for the rider and the horse,

  • To help to build more harmony between horse and human/rider at any level

All session helps a better understanding of: 

  • Equine Nature (Understanding the Horse Itself)
  • The importance of Body Language and Energy
  • The importance of clear, precise Communication
  • The importance of intention
  • The importance of being in the present moment
    Also, how fear or any other emotional trigger may block us and ways to release it
in Bonsall California and surrounding area. Start with one free phone consultation.
PHONE CONSULTATION in English, Greek or Hungarian
My email is: or phone number is:  (760) 708-6203

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