My professional life as riding instructor, registered equestrian coach and trainer

  • Diploma & Certificates:

    1970-1974; High school diploma in I.Istvan Szakkozepiskola, in Budapest, Hungary

    1987-1988; Diploma at  Pest County Sports Association (Pest Μegyei Sportszövetség, in Budapest, Hungary), as riding instructor

    2013 May;  FEI COURSE FOR COACHES -LEVEL 1 in Athens, Greece

    2013 August; Registered B category coach in Greece with #1958 at Ministry of Culture and Sports



    1987: 4 month at Benta Lovasiskola (riding school) in Szazhalombatta, Hungary

    1988: 7 month with Győrffy Villám András at Diszel-Tapolca, Hungary

    1989: 1 month with Christopher Todd (Level III international coach)  in Ontario Stirling, Canada


    Work Places Experiences as a riding instructor, coach and trainer

    In Greece

    1988-1993 Hellenic Riding Club in Athens, as riding instructor

    Return to Hungary

    1994 Noniusz Riding School in Godollo, as riding instructor and trainer

    1995 University of Agriculture in Godollo, as riding instructor and trainer

    1996-2002 Budapest Riding Club in National Riding Hall (Tattersall), riding instructor and responsible for managing the riding school

    Return to Greece

    2003-2008 Returning to Hellenic Riding Club in Athens, as riding instructor, coach and trainer.

    2009-2013 Silva Project and Silvaland Equestrian and Life Enrichment Center in Corfu island, as

    Riding instructor, coach and trainer.

    2013-2015 Riding Academy of Heraklion as riding instructor, coach and trainer .                                     

    2016 My husband and I started to get ready for the move, to come to the US California, where my husband -Franklin Levinson- got an offer at Horse Spirit Ranch, Bonsall ,California

    In the US

    2016-2017 I was involved in moving to the US and obtaining legal residency. Meanwhile, I was accompanying my husband with his work training/handling horses at the ranch

    2017-2019 Helping 1-2 horses with training/handling at Horse Spirit Ranch, Bonsall, California


    Additional Experiences and skills in workplaces above

    In Hungary

    • 7 years responsible to organize a successful and safe teaching system in the riding school in Budapest Riding Club, and teaching riding.

            Also examine riding skill of student-riders in the School of Equestrian Tour Guides and in the School of “Bereiters” in National Riding Hall (Tattersall)  Budapest,  Hungary

            Rode daily for a Grand Prix rider (jumper) Somlay Tamas (1951-2016) to ride his competition horses. Also every year I got one of his “green” youngster for basic training.

             These years every year helped with “steward duty” area in 3 and 4 stars international jumping competition which the Budapest Riding Club and the National Riding Hall  organized in the National Riding Hall (Tattersall), in Budapest, Hungary (where I worked)

    • 2001-2002 winter: every Sundays as “learner judge” judging indoor jumping competitions (daily150-200 entries) in National Riding Hall, in Budapest

          In Greece

    • 6 years as riding instructor, coach and trainer in Hellenic Riding Club in Athens, Greece

            Responsible for the Riding Academy and prepare student-riders for their  Athlete License either for jumping or for dressage. The exam included a Theory part and a Training Dressage Test. Those who wanted to compete in jumping, needed to finish a 2.9 feet high course, and in the warm-up arena  needed to jump some small fences without stirrups.

            Also created and organized programs which help to develop equestrian skills. Every year between 10-16 student-riders got the Athlete License and could start to compete in national dressage or jumping competition if they had their own horse.

    • 2008: I began collaboration with my husband Franklin Levinson, himself a professional American trainer and clinician. Being with Franklin influenced me and I started to ride horses sometimes in halter, to check their response if I had the same result (with simple dressage or jumping exercises) as I had with a snaffle.

             Franklin and I started  to give seminars together.  

    • 5 years be part of the team in Corfu island in Greece in the Silva Project which had helped develop the Silvaland Equestrian and Life Enrichment Center which opened in 2012.

    What students benefit from my teaching and why?

    I had the opportunity to work in the oldest and most prestigious riding club in Hungary and in Greece with great professional international horse trainers/riders/coaches .  In the National Riding Hall where about 200 horses were stabled (half of them were stallions) and in the Hellenic Riding Club about 50 horses were stabled.. Above helped me very much to go deeper how rider and horse can perform together in a safe, lasting, harmonious way either in dressage or jumping. After studying famous horse-masters’ shared experiences and worked for or with closely with some high-level professional grand prix riders I built up a teaching system in order the student-rider to get the strongest fundamental.

    Using a gentle, easy to understand methods, both for the rider and the horse, produces calmness and a sense of relaxed cooperation in the rider-horse-coach team. There is no force and never any sign of reproach should either party momentarily misunderstand. Explaining the teaching methods and goals before mounting, what and why we do with the horse, helps the student to understand deeper about the horse. Any question is always welcomed.